Computer and Users


PCD Solutions, LLC takes the guesswork out of designing and building for success with users!

Why Performance Centered Design?

To succeed, your software enterprise needs technology that:

  • Connects with your target audience
  • Captures user attention and interest
  • Retains customer loyalty.

Your users must be able to do/find/learn what they need quickly, easily, smoothly and with a minimum awareness of the technology that enables the process.  In other words, a technology that does not frustrate, confuse or make its users feel stupid is much more popular and likely to succeed in the mainstream than one that does!

This is, of course, true of any technology, but is exceptionally important in the rapidly expanding universe of the Internet, where a new competitor for every business is just a click away.

Most software today fails to meet these criteria.  This is because current software design does not focus on maximizing performance of the expected user; instead developers must take their best guess at how the product should behave for users.  The end result is more often than not an unsatisfying user experience.

The key to overcoming this hurdle is to stop guessing! It is possible to design and incorporate good, satisfying interactions for the user experience into your products from the start.

Performance Centered Design embraces the philosophy that technology can and should be designed to facilitate high performance by its users.  The practice of Performance Centered Design encompasses the disciplines of usability and user interface design, which may be more familiar terms, while also incorporating principles of instruction, learning and behavior.  It enables us to arrive at designs for interaction with technology that ordinary mortals can use and enjoy.  

We take the guesswork out of designing and building for success with users!

Performance Centered Design Solutions, LLC helps it clients get rid of the guesswork through the practice of Performance Centered Design.